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Real Science Lists

There are many listservers and internet mailing lists dealing with science. A lot of them are for scientists, but there are several set up at a level the non-professional can understand. The following are some of the real-world science lists geared for the layman. If you know of some that aren’t listed below, let me know their details and I’d be happy to add them.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

  • Science Updates
      “Every Thursday night we’ll send you a weekly email alert with details on what science coverage is coming up on the ABC in the week ahead.”
  • Science Matters
      “An open email discussion list for people interested in science, science issues, and media coverage of science issues. It’s an interactive list. If you post a message it will automatically be sent to all subscribers to the list.”
  • Teaching Science
      “An open email discussion list for people interested in the educational side of science and science teaching related issues. It’s another interactive list. If you post a message it will automatically be sent to all subscribers to the list.”


    • WX-TALK is a listserver that was set up to discuss weather and weather-related phenomena. The posts are sometimes technical, but usually general enough so that the general public can understand. If you are interested in subscribing to this listserver, go to the WX-TALK web page:

Click on the Wx-Talk button.

This gets you to a web page that tells how to subscribe to the WX-TALK list. There are other related lists you can subscribe to, each with its own button.

Environmental News Network (ENN)

    • Go to their web page

     On the gray bar at the top, where it says NEWSLETTER, select “subscribe”, fill in your email address, and click on SUBMIT.

Global Change Updates

    • Go to their web page

     Scroll down a bit. On the right hand side, where it says, “To receive update announcements, enter your e-mail address here:”, enter your email address and click on “Suscribe!”.


    • Go to their web page

     Scroll down a bit. On the left hand side, where it says, “Subscribe to Science@NASA Updates”, enter your email address and click on “Join”.

NASA Headquarters Press Releases

    • NASA press releases and other information are available automatically by sending an Internet electronic mail message to

    . In the body of the message (not the subject line) users should type the words “subscribe press-release” (no quotes). The system will reply with a confirmation via E-mail of each subscription. A second automatic message will include additional information on the service. NASA releases also are available via CompuServe using the command GO NASA.

American Institute of Physics – For Your Information (science policy)

    • Follow the instructions at

Jonathan’s Space Report

    • As noted by Alan Anderton: 

Jonathan’s Space Report is the most authorative thing I have seen on the web for getting inside information on Space launches and the latest on the Shuttle and International Space Station. The home page has links to his archive, Satellite Catalogue and Launch Log.



    • As noted by Alan Anderton: 

Gina Miller puts out “The Nanotechnology Industries mailing list” commonly called NanoGirl News. You can browse the news on the web at … 
… or have it posted out you as a news digest by joining … 
… She also runs a forum for discussion (the news digest is included here as well) … 
… mostly in non-technical language but can get a little technical at times. The news Digest is definately the place to catch any new advances in Nanotechnology. 

    (Thank you Alan!) – A Commercial Space Mailing List

    • Another list discovered by Alan Anderton: e-newsletter is a free Newsletter available after registering with AstroExpo… most, it draws its information direct from the commercial entitities themselves rather than News Wire sources. This has its good and not so good side, on the one hand you can get info from a technical viewpoint and with a more commercial priority. However it is this commercial viewpoint that you must be aware of – remember you are looking at news release / advertising material. 
With this minor caveat in mind, the newsletter treats you to information about technical advances in the Space Transport industry and ground breaking commercial applications in space. The Website of AstroExpo is a virtual exposition of the Space Industry. complete with …

  • Company Virtual Exhibit Hall: Extended listing of space industry companies … contact and product information etc.
  • Products Virtual Exhibit Hall: Manufactured products by category, with technical specs and graphics.
  • Services Virtual Exhibit Hall: Services essential to the industry, from engineering consulting to software development.


    • Technical Reference sections Technical Paper library, databases on Satellites, Launch Vehicles and NASA Tech Briefs (Thank you Alan!)